What’s A Heat-Press?

“You know what I think would be cool?” -Adam

“Huh?” -Jack

“We should make a T-Shirt company!” -Adam

There it is, that is exactly how a business is started. In July of 2014 my long term best friend and roommate started a t-shirt company. But how does one simply start a t-shirt company. Let me tell you.

First thing is first. You need a heat-press. But what’s a heat-press?

We found ourselves in need of this strange object, a heat-press, so we did what any well educated college kid would, turn to google.  We commenced the searching and found just what we needed. A large heavy object to apply t-shirt transfers to a t-shirt.

Now what does a heat-press even look like? Well its a very strange object with huge lever and some knobs on the top



There she is our make and model heat-press.

And just like that, that very night Jack and Adam begun down this journey to success, fame, riches, and glory!