Where Do We Get the Design Transfer on the Shirt?

Quickly followed by the purchase of a heat press we realized we would need to form some sort of relationship with a transfer company.  A transfer is a reverse image of what we want on the shirt, then you burn the crap out of it by putting it in the heat press. then wah-la its on the shirt.

But what is a transfer company and how do they work?

At first we decided to go with the company F&M  transfers because  they were dirt cheep. after a couple orders came in and we were underway with F&M we realized our product was not a very high quality.


To address this issue we started ordering samples, FREE samples. we ordered countless samples and got numerous burns on our arms testing them out.

Finally we settled on our current company, Silver Mountain Graphics. Silver Mountain has supplied us with a high quality transfer for a good price.

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Although we have run into a few problems with them we are quite happy with their product and will continue to use them!